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Bitcoin (BTC) set new nine-month highs overnight on March 30 as traders continued to stay cautious.

“Deviation” takes BTC price closer to $30,0

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD spiking to $29,170 on Bitstamp.

A rejection entered almost immediately, sending the pair back to its starting point and causing already suspicious market participants to call a “fakeout.”

“Nothing has changed- yea we got a nice little pop above the highs but this was expected,” popular trader Credible Crypto wrote in part of a Twitter reaction, calling the move a “deviation.”

Fellow trader Crypto Chase likewise applied the “deviation” tag, calling for $29,000 to hold in order to consider long positions.

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A slightly more optimistic Crypto Tony nonetheless hoped that the short-term range high could still be flipped to new support.

“Bear markets naturally have a lot more FUD and Bitcoin has certainly taken a big load of it over the last year or so. But still we are holding nicely and going for $30,000. I am excited for the bull run to come, whether it’s tomorrow or next year,” he added.

Bitcoin price analyst: volume echoes June 2022 drop signal

Analyzing the situation on derivatives exchanges, trading suite Decentrader meanwhile noted that shorts currently had the upper hand.

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“Funding rate continues to climb higher whilst the long/short ratio remains flat,” it summarized in fresh analysis on the day.

“With price declining and funding positive, short perps are potentially profitable and being paid by longs to keep their positions open.”

In a further potential warning sign, Bitcoin and crypto analyst Lukasz Wydra noted that current trading volumes were at their lowest for 2023.

“Last time similar was observed in June 2022. Paradoxically, just before the drop from 30k,” he revealed alongside chart data.

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